Sharing with MVRDV in Rotterdam


We’ve just returned from a visit to MVRDV headquarters in Rotterdam. Being invited to speak about ‘Integrating Nature Into Built Structures” was a great chance to go deeper into case studies of landscapes in urban environments, how green installations can be kept sustainable over time, sharing insights into landscape practices and diverse greenery techniques. We’re looking forward to keep this exchange going for solid future collaborations!

Mingzhu Nerval landscape presentation at MVRDV Rotterdam, 2022
Antoine talking about our dreamy nursery and plants!
Mingzhu Nerval landscape presentation at MVRDV Rotterdam, 2022
Peruri 88 in Jakarta

The Peruri 88 skyscraper is one of our favorite MVRDV projects. With its multi-level gardens of different shapes, this building creates an invitation to explore and lose oneself. Usually building are designed with a very pragmatic, efficient and logical use -which is understandable-, but sometimes it is great to have buildings that are like mazes, opening to the imagination where one can discover new perspectives at every turn.