Fern Fantasy… along the Long White Cloud


Hiking in New Zealand, admiring and collecting ferns

Hills of tree ferns @Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand 
Leptopteris superba
Heart-shaped fiddleheads
Looks like in fairytales
For a long time Antoine has been dreaming to see a C. medullaris in its native world
Jurassic landscapes… 
Antoine’s parents joined the expedition!
How beautiful are the black fronds of the Black Fern
Diving into beauty

A nursery fully dedicated to NZ native ferns!!

It is the first time that we see this specie of fern. It has spongy fronds look like large, long feathers of intense green. Apparently it’s called Leptopteris superba… and it is indeed superbly beautiful!  @Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand

The superb Leptopteris superba
@Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand